Working at Oncquest

What we can offer?

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What’s working at Oncquest really like?

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Looking for the best

We aim to attract, develop and retain only the very best professionals, working with them to grow their skills within a flexible and innovative environment. Our HR policies and processes are designed to enable you to be successful in your role supporting your personal and professional development and helping you achieve your personal career objectives. Wherever you work in Oncquest, whatever your role, we always aim to align your professional ambitions with our business challenges. This underlines our co-operative culture and our unique identity.

Our On boarding induction program

Right from the start, our induction program helps you to fit in quickly and smoothly enabling you to become fully operational as quickly and smoothly as possible. It’s not just about providing information – it also involves building appropriate relationships, knowledge and understanding. This ensures that all new employees feel part of our organization, confident in what they know about us, the services we offer, how we operate and how they are best able to represent us.

We encourage all new employees to use all available internal communication systems, and we provide a framework to help them do so. In this way the pace of learning and depth of information gained can be tailored to suit every individual.

And as your continue your journey with Oncquest, we can help you plan your career path with us giving you the training and development opportunities you need.

Training & Development

Enhancing your potential

We are aware that our biggest asset is our people – their commitment, capability and motivation. And we recognize that our success as a business depends upon nurturing highly engaged teams of people.

Learning and development is at the center of ensuring that each of us knows how we can truly develop our competencies and maximize our potential. Once on board, employees can tell from our Career Framework where they fit in the organization and how they can develop their careers, either within their job and area of expertise or across different expertise areas. This forms a solid basis for their personalized development plan, which incorporates different aspects of training.

During the annual performance appraisal reviews process, we also consider training requirements to enable our employees to further improve their skills.

Equal Opportunities

Progressing with diversity

We at Oncquest recognize the enormous benefits diversity brings to our workplace. Everyone in the company has an equal right to contribute to making Oncquest the exciting, unique, and motivational environment it is.

Respecting human rights is what we are committed to in all our dealings with employees, clients, stakeholders, suppliers and local communities. We never tolerate harassment or discrimination based on color, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, civil partnerships, having or not having dependents, age, nationality, national or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, disability or any other of similar relevance.

What’s special about Oncquest?

If you want a career with leading edge in a company known for its human touch, look no further than Oncquest!!

We’re renowned for our human touch and belief that people really make the difference. If this is an approach that you will value, Oncquest should definitely be on your list.

To reach our goals, we have clearly defined HR policies, but it’s very important to us that we implement them without losing sight of our unique identity and style – the human touch that our employees and clients value so much.