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Syndrome Evaluation System

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SES is the world’s first rapid, comprehensive, accurate & cost effective  pathogen identification platform  which drives critical therapeutic decisions in life threatening & maiming infections

Clinical Utility

  • Helps to detect bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic pathogens simultaneously in a single test from a single sample.
  • Provides Direct evidence for the presence of infection by detecting  DNA of pathogens
  • Direct demonstration of the pathogen can be treated straight away
  • Physician can rule out or rule in an infection, as they test for spectrum of bugs at once
  • Also detects uni-microbial or poly-microbial infections

Key Benefits

  • Helps Clinician Save lives and Prevent Disabilities
  • Rational use of antibiotics & helps to establish antibiotic stewardship
  • Cost effectives: Avoids multiple testing and unnecessary investigations and reduces ICU stay
  • Less time consuming (reporting time 36-48 hours)
  • 100% Specificity