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Panorama Test

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Panorama is the most advanced Non-Invasive Pre Natal Test(NIPT) performed on maternal blood to screen the most common fetal chromosome abnormalities such as  t21, t18, t13, Monosomy X, Triploidy and Microdeletions.

Clinical Utility

  • Identifies Trisomy 21, 13,&  18, Monosomy X, Triploidy  & Micro deletions.
  • Can differentiate between Maternal & Fetal DNA.
  • The test can be used as early as 9 weeks of gestation.

Key Benefits

  • Most advanced pre natal test.
  • Only NIPT screen test that can identifies Triploidy.
  • The test is accurate even at fetal fractions as low as 4%.
  • Only NIPT test that uses SNPs(Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) to differentiate maternal from the fetal DNA.
  • Sensitivity & Specificity >99%