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Illness is the most stressful phase of life. Moreover, when the disease is as deadly as cancer, the emotional trauma is simply not comprehendible. At Oncquest, we try to relieve some of your pain by ensuring that your dear one is correctly diagnosed. We specialize in detecting cancer through its different stages with the help of advanced state of the art equipment. We are certified by NABL and CAP. So, you can be assured that we maintain the highest quality in every procedures of our.

We offer customized and tailor made testing methodologies depending on the requirements of the person. Our set of comprehensive laboratory services is aimed at offering Individualized Cancer Therapy.

When your loved one undergoes clinical investigation to diagnose something as serious as cancer, TB, HIV, what are your expectations from the laboratory?

Do you Expect

  • Maintenance of high standards in testing methodology?
  • State of the art facilities that can produce highly accurate results?
  • Timely delivery of test results?
  • Easy and simplified collection process?
  • Friendly staff that makes your loved ones feel at ease?

If these are your expectations, you can turn to us because we satisfy these requirements and so much more on the technical front. Our quality standards are very stringent. To make it simpler for you, we have various collection centers across the city and are equipped with strong logistics support that safely delivers samples to our testing center.

We are a dynamic and constantly improving laboratory center. By keeping in touch with the latest developments in the field of pathology, we have been able to use some excellently effective methods that have produced extremely satisfactory results.

A mark of our efficiency is the trust that doctors place in us. You can trust us too. Get in touch with us for more information about our individualized cancer therapy program.