Individual nutritional analysis and personalised guidance.

ImuPro is a concept that combines a sophisticated and reliable blood analysis for IgG food allergies with individual post- test guidance.

Blood sample has been analysed for the presence of antibodies against a broad variety of foodstuffs. These antibodies are detected by their ability to bind to specific proteins from the analyzed foods
Along with the test results, individual nutritional concept will be shared which together help to eliminate & provocative diet with the aim of reducing inflammatory processes.

IgG Food Allergy
When you are suffering from a chronic complaint that just will not go away, the cause may be a delayed IgG food allergy (type lll). IgG food allergies often remain undetected because the symptoms only occur a few hours or every days after the consumptions of a trigger food, making them extremely difficult to identify.

ImuPro Screen – 22 trigger food items
ImuPro Screen+ – 44 trigger food items
ImuPro Basic – 90 trigger food items
ImuPro Basic + – 180 trigger food items
ImuPro Complete – 270 trigger food items