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HLA Typing

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DKMS is World’s largest and most advanced HLA typing service provider present globally since last 20 years. It’s reports are globally accepted and appreciated.

Advantages of DKMS lab HLA typing over Other labs:

  • DKMS HLA high resolution typing test includes HLA Class 1 alleles-A, B, C and HLA Class 2 alleles- DQ, DR and DP in the same test, at no additional cost while other labs charging extra amount for DPB1 results.  
  • DKMS offers Pre-Typing & Confirmatory Typing while other labs are not offering confirmatory Typing
  • DKMS Life Science Lab ASHI and EFI accredited whereas most of the labs are only ASHI accredited only.
  • Donor search via DKMS for free whereas other labs are not offering it.