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Check the Covid spread with Antibody testing.
A simple, safe and effective way to know Covid spread in your group, community or office.

Covid-19 Antibody Test (SARS-CoV-2 IgG)

The test identifies if a person has had novel coronavirus in the past, and has developed antibodies against it. The test is recommended for asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients exposed to Covid-19 positive or suspected cases.


IgG test offers 100% sensitivity (post 14 days of symptoms) and 99.63% specificity. Whereas a cheaper test - Total antibody tests may come inconclusive as they do not differentiate active and past infections. To ensure long term immune response, testing for IgG alone is necessary.

Sample type: Blood in SST Gel vacutainer, 3 ml

Positive result: Denotes presence of antibodies against Covid and you may not get infected again. Asymptomatic cases can test positive even if they never had Covid symptoms.

Negative result: Denotes you may not have ever had COVID-19. However this does not rule out possibility of having current infection.

Important: Some people take longer to develop antibodies and some, who are infected may not ever develop antibodies. Regardless of whether you test positive or negative, the results do not confirm if you are infectious to others. Please discuss your test results with your healthcare provider for in-depth interpretation.

USFDA (EUA) and CE approved,
ICMR recommended.

Home Sample Collection Facility available at select locations on chargeable basis.

Special Package for corporates & Institutions.

ICMR recommends antibody test for following: Immunocompromised patients / Individuals in containment zone / Health Care Workers / Security personnel / Police and paramilitary personnel, civil defense & volunteers / Press corps / Rural tribal population (after reverse migration) / Industrial workers or labour force / Farmers, vendors visiting large markets / Staff in municipal bodies / Drivers / Banks, post, couriers, telecom offices / Shops / Air travel related staff /International operations / Congregate settings / Prisons, etc.

The antibody test is for sero-surveillance only, and NOT for diagnosis of Covid.
For symptomatic cases RT PCR may be required.

MRP Rs. 1,450/-

Same Day Report: by 7.00 pm if sample is received at main lab by 1.00 pm