Pioneers in Diagnostic Oncology

The First commercial laboratory internationally to offer

  • IRMA, a comprehensive mutation analysis of CML patients resistant to Imatinib

The First commercial laboratory in India to offer

  • RQ–PCR assays for monitoring & Break point analysis of CML patients and gene amplification assays for profiling of Breast Cancer
  • Gene Sequencing – EGFR & GIST Mutation /C-Kit Mutation

“First –to- Market” commercial assays

  • RT-PCR based diagnostic assays
  • Flow Cytometry based diagnosis of PNH
  • FISH method for MLL gene rearrangement
  • Clopidogrel & Warfarin Pharmacogenomics assays

Launch Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

High throughput sequencing, detect mutations as low as 5% tumor cells. The process is multiplexed by targeting many genes at a time to detect multiple mutations of a single sample. Each DNA nucleotide is read several times (100-1000 times) which adds to the specificity of the assay. This platform provides accurate, reliable data and excellent coverage.

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