Shaping up Careers for Tomorrow,

Oncquest Laboratories - a brand trusted by doctors over two decades for high-end testing, is now offering virtual internship that delivers online global work experience programs that help young people to pursue their dream career. Oncquest Laboratories is backed by the Burman family, the promoters of Dabur.

Why Virtual Internship?

The advantage of remote internship is that you can do them from anywhere at any time – all you need is your laptop. Whether you’re balancing your studies, a job or family commitments, a virtual internship allows you to build your career from anywhere.

Ensure a Great Career Path

Gaining online work experience will boost your employability. Having a remote internship with Oncquest Laboratories Ltd. on your resume demonstrates to future employers that you can thrive in a remote environment and have the skills needed to be a valuable asset to their team, such as self-discipline, cross-cultural fluency and digital literacy. These skills are crucial for any career path you choose to pursue, whether it’s remote or not.