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India’s Leading Superspecialized Laboratory
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Oncquest’s close association with many Hospitals across India stands testament to the faith that we have instilled in the doctors and patients which avail of its services. Oncquest is fast becoming a cornerstone for a blooming healthcare industry.
Its logistic capabilities and geographical spread makes Oncquest an ideal associate for clinical activities in India. Oncquest’s accredited quality systems ensure customer satisfaction through any of its customer-centric service offerings.

Network & Reach

Oncquest logistics operations strictly comply with IATA/ICAO transport regulations. Large team of pick-up courier riders cum phlebotomists, extensive network of patient service centres, collection centres, and nationwide tie-ups with reputed courier companies stretches our hands for a wider reach across the country. Oncquest’s logistics system ensures that the integrity of samples is maintained right from the time it is picked up till it is delivered to the processing workstation. A convenient home sample collection service brings world-class diagnostics to the patient’s doorstep.

A network spread across 120 cities in India, Nepal and Bangladesh

Sample pick-up facilities available in all major cities across India. For queries, contact:
011 30611432, 011 30611467